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While the majority of clean my mac reviews will provide potential users with an idea of the effectiveness of the software in a general sense, we want to provide an understanding of what to expect if you purchase it for yourself.
The software is split into two groups of features. The first is the breakdown of the cleaning options. For those users who want a simple experience then you will be able to use the smart cleanup tool.

Mac Rush Service

The aim of our service is to create safe and fool-proof enviroment icluding photos, your deleted files, mail attachments, even your large and old files. For those who fond of music and can not imagine their lifes without - now you can control your playlist better, clean up and preventing from saving hash information.This feature is strange to use at first, as it is difficult to know just how successful it is going to be with your particular Mac. The surprising outcome is that it will always be able to find a whole lot of junk that you never thought your computer would have. In every app cleaner review, the user mentions that it was shocking the amount of wasted space they had on their machine that CleanMyMac could free up. The Smart Cleanup tool is a great start, and while it does develop with your preferences, as you agree or decline its suggestions, there are many more features you can use to get a deeper clean

Photo Junk and iTunes Junk

This tool finds all of the attached information to photos that are unnecessary and deletes it, without you losing a single photograph.With the creation of playlists comes copied album art, cache files and wasted space.

Trash Bins

There is more than the one that you know and use every day. This app is able to locate each one and makes sure they are empty.You can easily make your workplace more orderly.

Mail Attachments

Even if you have forgotten about the photos sent to you by your Aunt a year ago, your Mac has not. Those attachments will be stored in the Mail app and will be taking up space.

Large & Old Files

These are any files that are worryingly big or have not been opened in a very long time. While they are not necessarily junk, the app highlights them and asks for your permission to keep or delete them.

Clear Idea Saving


Mac Scanning


Simple Use


Organise Priorities



One Application for several issues

With this app you can easily control all your important files, other way they go to bin.


Saving your time and space

Listening to music and enjoying only your best audio and podcasts & playlist.


Simplicity and nice interface

Making routine issues in easy way with professional help.


Saving best moments together

From now it is easier to remove dublicates or unnecessarily images into bin at once.


Analyzing and Deleting

Mac Rush analyze all our computer files and remove useless materials only after your agreement.

Specific Features Considered in Each CCleaner for Mac Review

Now that we have covered all of the available features that come with this app, which one is the most valued in CleanMyMac reviews? It turns out that everyone has their own preference: I am a musical theater major and therefore, my iTunes collection is being built up continuously, without CleanMyMac music junk option I do not know where I could fit all the new songs that I buy on a daily basis.When I first used the app, it was the Large and Old Files feature that I loved most. It freed up a lot of space in files that I had neglected to delete for years. After that first use, I actually like all of the other tools equally, as they help me to keep on top of things.As I own several online businesses and work with partners from around the world, my mailbox can be hectic at all times of the day. CleanMyMac 3 has helped me to thin out the amount these emails take up on my hard drive without taking up any of my time.

A More in Depth CleanMyMac 3 Review

In CleanMyMac 2 reviews there is a lot of praise but also a few criticisms of the app. The programmers of this software paid attention to the feedback and made sure that the latest version of the app fixed all of the original issues. Simply comparing a CleanMyMac 2 review with a one of the newer version will show the development and improvement. The software is now highly flexible, you can customize all of the options, and it removes a much wider range of junk than ever before.

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