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Keep an Eye on Your Vehicle’s Condition with the Following Applications

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Being busy with a lot of things every day, we may forget about some important issues we should take care of. For instance, it`s our car we can pay much attention to. Car is our loyal friend and it helps us in a lot of situations when we at the same time pay less credit to it. And one day you may be late for work or for a meeting and a car doesn`t start, or you have a flat tire. In this case, you realize that`s actually your fault.

Top-7 android applications for car owners

Nowadays we are more addicted to our cell phones and we use them for scheduling and as reminders. There are also lots of applications that make us do this or that, and this really works, so why not to use one to get notifications about your car? Check out several the most popular apps which will help you take care of your car on time.

Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

This application is a good godsend for all car lovers as Car Maintenance Reminder Lite is an application that has lots of useful functions. It helps you to control all the process connected with the effective work of your car. This app reminds you when you need the next tune up, tells your fuel efficiency, cost and mileage per day. It also builds statistics on how far you drive a day and how much fuel you use. This application will also tell you when you are to change your oil, when tire rotation is needed. What is more, you can use it for more than one vehicle. This app will not only help you keep your car in the best condition but also stay economical.


aCar is an interesting and useful application that helps to track the fuel usage, servicing and expenses. You can use it for any type of car or for motorcycle. This app can also categorize your expenses which were used for work and for pleasure. It also collects data of locations where you spend time, all this you can check whenever you need. Looks a good tool to try, isn`t it?


You can use this app for up to 5 vehicles. This application is responsible for the maintenance of your car, it will schedule when you need your car to be checked, with its help you can also track where you can have your car checked or repaired, get the prices without calling the shops. All the costs will be also calculated and shown to you so you can make your own conclusions on the expenses. You can also share the information with your friends online.

Rain Car


If you own not only cars but also boats or airplanes, then this application is for you. It will not only schedule the maintenance but it also produces reports, takes and stores pictures. This means you have all the information on your vehicle recorded. This is a big plus to make some conclusions on the work of your car and also if you want to sell your car quicker as buyers will see the entire data. You can visit the website to check out more on this application.

Car Manager

This application will be surely useful for those who want to control their expenses. Car Manager reminds you of tire rotation and oil change. With its help you track the information on car repair and maintenance. This app shows you detailed information on how much you spend on fuel, parking, insurance etc. Your monthly expenses are calculated and shown to you. You can keep this information on your cell phone and share it if necessary.


This application is great as with its help you can get such information as RPM, MAF, IAT, speed and other various things on your car. This app will help to identify the trouble codes and of course it will remind you of time for repair for different parts of your vehicle and tell you about the nearest auto shop.

Traffic Car


Drivvo is an application with multiple functions. You can easily load here the information from other applications you`ve used, based on this the application will create lots of graphs and statistics on fuel consumption, car maintenance, distance, road conditions and costs on different things. You get the detailed feedback on the condition of your vehicle with the help of this app. So try it out!

There are lots of apps that can not only make our live easier reminding to do this or that but which can also save our money. If you are informed, you can act effectively.

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