The Importance of Knowing How to Delete Cookies on a Mac

To most of us, “cookies” is an elusive Internet term that pops up on our screen occasionally asking if it is ok to use them, but what are cookies?

They are basically fragments of information that are connected to specific websites. This data is downloaded onto your computer when you use these certain websites. Cookies are not bad things when they are being stored for sites that you often use, as they have been designed to save you time and effort.

The need to delete cookies on a Mac comes when you have a build up of this data stored as part of your browser for sites that you visited once or visit rarely. Having more cookies on your computer can mean that you have more space being taken up. This means that you will generally have unnecessary space being used that can be freed for your benefit.

Knowing how to clear cookies on a Mac is just as important as knowing why clearing cookies on Mac will benefit you. Whether you carry out the manual process or have an application do the clearing, you will:

Save time – Rather than being interrupted with a full disk or having a computer that slows down your work, you will be able to delete the cookies and save yourself a lot of time later on. This will also mean that you are never caught off guard with needing to clear them.

– Create more disk space. By knowing how to delete cookies on a Mac, you in turn also know how to create more disk space when you need it. This will come in handy when your startup disk is full or when you need to simply make more room for other applications and files.

– Ensure you are more protected from security threats online. Many cookies will not compromise the security of your computer, but there is the off chance that some will contain viruses or programs that will draw your personal information from the data that can be found. Removing any potential for this kind of threat is always the best option for staying protected at all times.

Delete Cookies on Mac Manually

Each browser stores cookies in a different way and in a different place, which means you will have to go in manually for each one and follow the steps for it specifically in order to clear the cookies. This is something that can be more time consuming if you use many different browsers.

Firefox: Launch the browser, Select: History at the top of the browser screen, Click: Clear Recent History, Choose the time range: Everything, Click: Details, Ensure the Cookies box has been checked, and finally Click: Clear now.

Chrome: Launch the browser, Click: History at the top of the browser screen, Click: Show Full History, Click: Clear Browsing Data, Choose the time: The beginning of time, Check the box: Cookies, and finally Click: Clear Browsing Data.

Safari: Launch the browser, Click: History, Choose: Clear History and Website Data, Choose the time: All History, and finally Click: Clear History.

Clear Cookies on a Mac the Easy Way

While deleting cookies on a Mac manually is a great option, it is not the most efficient or the fastest way to keep your computer clean and rid of this space-wasting junk.

The best way to clear cookies on a Mac is to use a cleaning program that has been specifically designed to get the job done and then some. CleanMyMac 3, for example, is an app that can be downloaded as a free trial or bought at an affordable price that will not only clear the cookies on your Mac but will also keep the machine running more efficiently.


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