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5 Most Popular Apps to KeepYou Fit. NexTrack: Play and Train

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If your goal is to lose weight but you still can`t find a good motivation then NexTrack can help you. It`s an application developed to monitor your personal results. This app was launched on the talk show “The Doctors”. It has become one of the most popular applications since then. With the help of Nextrack you can turn your exercise into a game. Every time you achieve several results, they are recorded and you get the rewards for them. This means you stay motivated all the time as you struggle to achieve more and more. This app offers several exercises and the monitor shows how much calories burnt, heart and pulse rates etc. NexTrack is effective if you really care about your success and results.

Zombies, run!

We know that being motivated to get up and run is very difficult. You are able to find various reasons to stay at home doing nothing. So what can help here? There`s a great application “Zombies, Run!” which can quickly make you interested in running fast and long. It`s a game which has more than 200 missions which you can choose. Each mission offers various tasks you are to complete. You put your earphones on and listen to everything what is going on, you are to imagine that you are one of last humans on the Earth and you should survive. You can download this application on your Android phone or iPhone. Stay motivated and achieve the highest results!


Not all video games make you sit at the sofa at home. If you haven`t heard about “Ingress”, then you have lost much. This is one of the best games connected with reality. This application has won several awards and it will surely help you lose some pounds. Its tasks are connected with finding different portals around your city, you should take pictures of places with the help of your device. You are to complete several tasks which make you move much of time. This application will make your word a bit interesting and motivate you to more active lifestyle. You can download it both on Android and iOS.


Moves is a good application for you to count your daily activities. You download it and on the screen of your device you will get the information of the numbers of steps you`ve taken, the distance you travel, offers you the most alternative way to get to this or that place, shows how much calories you burn. This application is a useful way to track your workout and how active you are. In addition, all data is saved on your device.

Google Fit

Rain Running

Google Fit is a famous application which allows you to stay informed about all the activities you`ve done during the day. It records your walking, running and cycling. Based on this data the application creates fitness goal for you and gives you some useful recommendations. So you can effectively get the highest results. This app is one of the most spread as it`s developed by Google and people realize that it`s a trustworthy one.

These apps can surely help you keep fit and follow the steps to body of your dream. They motivate you greatly, so you get much desire to workout. Still it`s not enough to download the application only, you should work hard and do your best to achieve the results.

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