10 Best Alternative Apps To Itunes for MacOS and iOS

Soon, Apple will be phasing-out iTunes, its long-time media player, library management and storefront app. But even before this announcement, a lot of users have already looked for better alternative applications. While certainly being a powerhouse that controlled Apple’s media for decades, iTunes was definitely not alone. There are several apps that Apple users have turned to, to improve their overall experience with their content.

It Was Inevitable
“The future of iTunes is not one app, but three.”
– Craig Federighi, VP of software engineering, Apple

Through the years, iTunes, Apple’s all-in-one software, has not aged gracefully. Many of its users have had to deal with performance issues, store outages, and third-party software incompatibilities. So it came as no surprise when earlier this year, Apple announced that its macOS Catalina: macOS 10.15, will no longer include iTunes. They are officially killing it off, after years of struggling to juggle with its various functionalities. iTunes’ specific functions will be divided into three separate apps: Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts. This will certainly change how a lot of users deal with their content. However, many iOS and Mac users have already resorted to third party alternatives even years back.

Looking For Alternatives
As iTunes revealed its inadequacies through the years, Apple users have looked for third-party applications that could replace, and even out-perform, iTunes. A lot of developers stepped-up to the challenge and have created unique and powerful applications to rival iTunes.
Here are the 10 Best Alternatives to iTunes:

1. VOX

VOX Player is one of the most popular media players to rival iTunes for some years now. The user interface has been streamlined to focus on playing music. Unlike iTunes, it has fewer tabs and banners. VOX also has a wider range of supported audio formats.
• Support for most of the common formats such as MP3, MP4, M4A, CUE, APE, and FLAC.
• Also supports Hi-Res (HD) Audio, 5.1 multichannel audio playback.
• Compatible with your iTunes music library.
• It can stream music through SoundCloud, and Spotify.
• VOX for Mac has Youtube streaming functionality.
• Stream over 30,000 radio stations worldwide.
• Cloud support: upload and stream your own music.

Available for iOS and MacOS.
Download FREE OR Go Premium ($4.99/month or $49.99/year)

2. Elmedia Player PRO

If you’re looking for a great video player for your Mac, Elmedia Player PRO is worth checking out. First off, it can play virtually any video and audio format on your Mac. This includes Windows WMV and AVI formats. The PRO version has powerful video adjustment controls depending on your preference. It also has a very polished, cohesive UI that isn’t cluttered with needless controls.

• Hardware acceleration for faster playback and processing.
• App can also function as an audio receiver: stream music from one Mac to another which is connected to large speakers.
• Be able to bookmark any point on the media file to easily resume playback.
• Sports a Headphone Virtualization feature.
• You can stream music and videos on devices with Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV and other Apple AirPlay devices.
• Has a built-in browser so you can download videos from Vimeo, Youtube, and DailyMotion. These can be watched ad-free.
Available for MacOS.
Download FREE OR Buy

3. Swinsian

Swinsian, which means “to make a pleasing sound”, aims to deliver quality sound with features and overall sophistication. It may look familiar, closely resembling iTunes, in fact, but without the bloat. You can organize your tracks through easy find and replace options. There are several options on how you can tag multiple tracks and you can tidy up your tags through the Duplicate Finder. You may also customize how you navigate your music library via Art Grid, Browser, Playlist Window, or Custom Columns.

• Fully customizable desktop: you can use a desktop art widget.
• Import your music through watched folders or your iTunes library.
• You can import your iTunes library.
• You can fetch album art online.
• Full global keyboard shortcuts.
• Last.fm scrobbling
• Includes Smart playlists options.
• Download Podcasts automatically.
Available for MacOS.
Download Free Trial OR Buy for$24.95

4. Quod Libet

The biggest draw to Linux-based music player, Quod Libet is its comprehensive search feature. The simplistic interface belies the very capable engine. You can create complex searches or expressions, rather than just play via a single search thread. When you usually play songs per genre or per artist, Quod Libet crafts a different musical experience for you. The vast array of tags that you can use can set unique listening sessions. Let’s say you want to listen to your New Wave songs prior to 1989, excluding specific albums or even specific artists. There are more options and it’s impressively powerful. Quod Libet is a Latin phrase that means “whatever you wish” and having a feature like this more than lives up to its name.

• Extensive list of Internet radio channels.
• Soundcloud integration.
• Multimedia key support.
• A wide range of supported plugins.
• Podcast support.

Available for MacOS and Windows.
Download FREE


Of all the media players on this list, MUSIQUE has the simplest UI. It presents your albums beautifully, with a mosaic of album covers or artists’ photographs. Once a song plays, you can have its lyrics, as well as any relevant information show up. This can be information about the artist, the song, or the album itself. The play queue can always be shown on the right side of the UI. It hides everything else. And this makes for a truly amazing experience where you can just focus on your music.

• Browse your collection by album or artist, or even by folders.
• Fills-in your music library with information taken from Last.fm
• Interface is very easy to use, and the mosaic view is just beautiful.
• Supports scrobbling to Last.fm

Available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.
Download FREE OR Donate

6. Clementine

What sets Clementine apart is its numerous features, aside from being open source. These features make up for the lack of an attractive UI. But hey, it’s free, anyway. You can play music from your local library or from cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. You’ll also be able to stream Internet radio channels from Soundcloud, Spotify, and Grooveshark. Clementine also lets you easily organize your audio files, making it quick to find specific songs. The only downside to this music player is that development has been discontinued since 2016. So if you encounter any bugs, you unfortunately, will not get any support.

• Several tools for tagging your content.
• Support for Podcasts.
• Downloads song lyrics and artists’ information.
• An extensive library management system.
• You can copy music to supported devices (iPod, iPhones, and other storage devices).
Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Download FREE

7. iMusic

iMusic is an all-in-one music downloader and library manager. It helps you to discover the songs and albums that you’re looking for from its extensive library. You can search and sort for your preferred artist, genre, and playlists. It then lets you save your music on local storage, in batches. You can then organize them the way you want to. It also has backup and restore options for your iTunes library.

• You can download music from over 3000+ music sites.
• Download from Vevo, Vimeo, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Youtube.
• Record audio from Internet radio channels.
• Transfer your songs, playlists, podcasts from your iTunes library to your Apple devices, all with just one click.
• Batch download entire MP3 music playlists.
• Helps you to remove DRM protection.
• Converts your downloaded M4P music files into MP3 format.

Available for MacOS and Windows.
Download FREE TRIAL OR Buy

8. Pine Player

While being a no-frills music player, Pine Player is still a dependable music player that delivers. The UI may be on the minimalist end: a list of songs alongside some album art, but it works by eliminating clutter. It supports quite a number of audio formats, as well as adding some playback options. The interface is drag-and-drop, so you can arrange your songs easily. If it’s an efficient and easy-to-use music player you’re looking for, nothing beats this free app for your Mac.

• Can play almost all digital audio formats including WAVE, OGG, WMA, MP3, APE, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, DSD, SACD ISO.
• Has a unique Over Sampling Filter that upconverts MP3’s to 32-bit 768kHz.
• Decrease gaps in-between songs with the Cross-Fade function.
• Be able to save and manage your music via playlists, simply by dragging your songs in the UI.
• High-powered Audio Queue for processing large bulks of digital data, ensuring no loss of quality.

Available on MacOS.
Download FREE

9. Fidelia

Audiophiles who spend on premium audio setups will definitely need to get Fidelia. It’s a high definition audio software which supports all audio formats, especially FLAC (which iTunes doesn’t support). From the look of the UI alone, Fidelia pays homage to vintage stereo systems, even incorporating analog volume dials. This, alongside displays for stereo levels, as well as audio waveforms, complete the stylish UI. Equalizers are replete, with plugins that can enable enthusiasts to install higher quality, custom EQ’s.

• Listen to true, lossless, high definition audio.
• Link to your iTunes library.
• Use your Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) as Fidelia remote controls with the iOS app.
• Offers an Advanced license to access advanced features.
• Fully supports 64-bit audio unit plugins.
• Fully supports AirPlay for wireless connection to output devices inside your network.

Available for iOS, MacOS.
Download FREE OR BUY for $29.99.

10. WALTR 2

WALTR 2 is all about drag-and-drop. Dragging and dropping specific file types into its UI will open them using the assigned Apple app. Not only does it support all video formats, it can even detect if it’s a TV show, a movie, etc. You don’t need to install any third-party applications. WALTR 2 also ensures fast transfers in seconds, with up to 5 MBps wireless upload speed. All this ease and convenience may cost a bit more, but WALTR 2 is certainly worth it.

• Recognizes all file types for music, videos, books, and audiobooks.
• Automatic Content Recognition (ACR): WALTR 2 searches for more information about your content: cover art, meta data (name, cast, synopsis, etc.).
• Smart Adaptive Conversion (SAC): all your movies and music are guaranteed lossless conversion.
• aWifi: WALTR 2 instantly bridges itself with your iPhone thru WiFi. No cables needed.
• Universal Connection Bridge (UCB): WALTR 2 can identify each device, and enables a secure connection using the specific Apple protocol. It recognizes the entire lineup of Apple iPods, including the iPod Classic.
• Supports both PDF’s and ePUB book formats.
Available on MacOS, Windows
Download FREE OR Buy $39.95


When it comes to applications for your iOS and MacOS, always remember that you have a lot of other options. You need not confine yourself to a single developer, not even Apple. There is a veritable treasure trove of useful, and even better apps out there just waiting to be discovered. And as we transition away from iTunes, you have all the more reason to try out these other apps.

What did you think of this list? Do you have your own preferred applications that you’d like to share and may want to add to this list?
Let us know in the comments below.


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