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Dealing with Startup Disk Full on a Mac

You can avoid the negative effects of having a startup disk full on your Mac by keeping the system clear of junk. Enjoy the speed and efficiency for yourself.

What Does It Mean to Have Startup Disk Full on a Mac?

When your startup disk is full on your Mac, you will get a notification that tells you only when the problem has become severe. Even before this, your computer will be building up junk and files that affect the performance of the Mac.

Mac Disk Full

By this point, your computer will have a lot of excess files as a result of the files you keep and the applications that are taking up space. Having a startup disk full on MacBook Pro means that your hard drive is full, and there is no longer enough space to save anything else. This can slow down all of the processes on your Mac and make it necessary to free up disk space in a hurry.

The Best Ways to Free Up Disk Space

When you have gotten to the point that the startup disk is full on your MacBook Air, you will need to complete a few manual processes in order for the cleaning to be effective. You should consider doing all of the following steps to free up disk space on Mac or, at the very least, download the CleanMyMac 3 app and have that system do the work for you.

There are hundreds of things you can do to clear disk space, but the following are the most effective and will provide the biggest return:

Delete duplicates. This is a problem that plagues anyone that uses media files on their Mac. Duplicates of songs or pictures can take up more space than you realize and clearing them can be relatively easy.

Remove unused files and applications. If you have not used an application or accessed a document in the last year, then the chances are that you will never need it. You should delete any of these files to get the most room on your Mac without actually having to do much searching. This process should also include clearing the trash and downloads that you are finished with. You will certainly not miss having so much wasted space on your system.

Mac Trash Bin

Move files onto an external hard drive or Internet storage system. Rather than going through all of your files one by one, you can generally move entire sections of your files onto an external hard drive when you do not need to access them often. These could include picture files as well as old work that is important to keep but not necessary to keep directly on the Mac’s hard drive.

Mac Finder Preferences

Install a second internal hard drive on your Mac. Having a startup disk full on MacBook Air can cause serious problems that can be remedied when you get more space directly installed on your computer. You will be able to keep everything you want and need right on your Mac with the new space. This is a more invasive and expensive option but is definitely effective.

Download a cleaning application. The most effective tool that you can use to clear disk space on your Mac is a cleaning application like CleanMyMac 3 or Gemini.

Gemini is an app that will find and eliminate any duplicate files for you while CleanMyMac 3 is a comprehensive cleaning program that does it all. This app comes with a free trial that will allow you to scan your entire system and eliminate the junk effectively and without you having to waste your precious time going through all of the details.


The Benefits After You Clear Disk Space on Mac

Using CleanMyMac 3 to clean hard drive on Mac and keep it clean or executing the manual steps to creating more space will leave you with a computer that works better and will last for much longer. Other benefits include:

  • Better overall performance
  • Never having work interrupted by a full startup disk
  • Never having to quickly execute a clean up manually
  • Saving time with a faster system
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