A Look Back At The Audio Editing Software, Soundtrack Pro

You may or may not have heard of Soundtrack Pro but it was a software that film students and
amateur filmmakers use in post-production to remove ambient sounds and improve sound quality. It
was often paired with Final Cut Pro. However, it has been discontinued in 2011 with the release of
Final Cut Pro X which also has sound editing features.

Despite being discontinued and not being in use today, Soundtrack Pro was a tool favored among
filmmakers to polish their films. It’s to sound design as what Adobe After Effects is to Special
Effects. Contrary to popular beliefs, Soundtrack Pro is not a music producing platform. It mostly
deals with sound effects and fixing sound mistakes in post-production.

What is Soundtrack Pro used for?

Soundtrack Pro is mostly used for Sound Editing and Sound Design. This means cleaning up
ambient noises that can be heard in the background of a film. It can also be used to add sound
effects to enhance the film. In addition to sound editing in film production, despite not being a
music production software, Soundtrack Pro can also be used to clean up sound distortion and
mistakes from music recordings.

What is Soundtrack Pro not used for?

Like mentioned before, Soundtrack Pro is not a music producing software. It’s not a platform where
you can create music with sound bytes from musical instruments. For that, you had to go to other
platforms during that time such as GarageBand 2.

Features of Soundtrack Pro

1. Sound Effects

If there’s one thing that filmmakers love about Soundtrack pro it has to be its library of Sound
Effects. It includes mundane sounds like footsteps and water splashing to really wacky sounds that
you’ll hear in a Charlie Chaplin short. If you’re making a sitcom you don’t have to get a live
audience. The library includes laugh tracks that you could use in any scene to generate laughter.
You can simply choose several sound effects and place them accordingly to your video footage. You
can even change the volume or bass of the sound byte.

2. Audio Editing Tools

If you’re looking to mix together different sound bytes together then Soundtrack Pro’s Audio
Editing Tools are just what you need. The software presents a soundwave where you can add and
tweak any file of sound to create your desired sequence. The software is flexible and if you make a
mistake you can easily change the edit that you’ve made without using the “undo” button and
destroying any progress you’ve made.

3. Sound Cleanup Tools

Soundtrack Pro includes tools to remove unwanted ambiance, distortions, and noise from
recordings. Its best tool for clean up is undoubtedly the Reduce Noise Tool. With this tool, you can
select any hiss or noise from the sound wave from your sound file and remove them accordingly.
This tool is a timesaver for those in need of last-minute touch-ups of a film before a deadline.

4. Recording and Mixing

Like with any Sound Editing software, Soundtrack Pro had a recording function where you can
easily record dialogue or sounds without the need to record and upload the file.
Another timesaver, this useful feature is also great for last-minute additions for sounds. You could
record narrations on the spot and if you require additional dialogues that were not in the original
footage, you could also record and add it in post.

Final Thoughts

Soundtrack Pro may be dead but it laid the foundation for Apple’s future software in sound editing.
Much of its features were incorporated in Final Cut Pro X. As such, there’s no longer a need for a
companion software for sound editing.
Despite all that, Soundtrack Pro still remains an important part of filmmaking software history
especially among film students and amateur filmmakers alike for it’s easy to use and time-saving


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