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5 Apps for Efficient Business Aware

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Yaware is one of the most widespread applications which allows you to control your employees. You install this app on their computers and get the information of what websites they visit, when they do breaks. This data is sent to you all the time, so even being far from the office you can check how the things are going.


Hubstaff is essential if you work with your employees remotely and you cannot stay with them. This application sends you screenshots and website tracks on your cell phone or laptop. You even don`t need to download this app, you can just log in on their website. Keep in touch with the honesty of your workers with Hubstaff! Over 8000 companies already enjoy all the advantages of this app.

When I Work

This application is really great as with the help of it you can communicate with your employees, you can make sure whether everyone knows the latest news and knows what`s going on. You can share the information, scheduling. In addition, there`s an option to check how many hours everyone has worked. You can control your employees being far from the working place with the help of When I Work. You can do all this directly from the website of this application.


Office time

Office time application is a unique one as it helps to check all the information about your employees in one. You can control invoices, expenses, when your workers are inactive and for how long. You will get this information sorted and sent to you in graphs and charts, so you will see the whole picture of working process. You can track what was exactly done every day. This application is available both for Windows and Mac.


Stayfocused extension is available for Google Chrome Browser and it`s an essential thing for those who are able to forget about work tasks. If you can spend much time shopping online, or checking your Facebook account then this app will help you to concentrate on your work. You are to limit the time for the usage of several websites and if you have no time left, you won`t be able to use those sites till the end of the day. So you will have nothing to do except work and manage your tasks. This program increases your productivity limiting your usage of time-wasting websites.


So why not to motivate yourself this way?

If you want to save your time and money, to make the work of your employees more effective and have a chance to control the whole all the time, then these applications will surely assist you. Keep in touch with your staff to be sure in the success of your company.